Project: Newhouse/Taliesin 2009 Student Report-Day Two-Salman

Posted on June 30th, 2009 at 7:23 pm by in Our Work

Project: Newhouse/Taliesin 2009 Student Report-Day Two-Salman

Taliesin in its self is an amazing experience. Once the minor aches such as bugs and heat are over with, enjoyment really settles in. Walking and nature hiking is a must to get around the campus. Those of us who believe they’re not much walkers, you’ll be surprised. The picture you see at the head of the blog, is actually of the campus which I took while discovering locations with certain characteristics. Such characteristics would be hidden, highest point in elevation, or moreover “splashtastic”. Although that was the first day here. Today we experienced the actual Taliesin designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


The house is beautiful and extremely unique. It really was a “shining brow” which is a simplified definition of Taliesin. Many of my colleagues here might disagree but something that admired the most, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is the lamp he put in a lot around Taliesin. Just the function and simple design which also is complex to a point really intrigued me and I wish I could’ve brought one home. I’ll be sure to include pictures for everyone. That was just the beginning. We went on after lunch to finalize our building location after a series of disagreements and compromises.


We put down our red flag which defined our territory and put up our temporary structure which we built to experiment with shapes and sizes possible with the materials given. Later on in the afternoon, Tamanna and I were the Assistant Chefs to Dan the Head Chef. Dan is a one of kind guy who really made cooking for the campus an extravagant experience. I never had so much fun cooking because I’d never have all the resources I need. Being in the main kitchen, everything was accessible and possibilities we’re endless.


It was just an all-together amazing experience and if I had a chance to go back to help out I would. After dinner the clouds finally showed some action and let rain fall. I don’t mind it much, I’m inside giving everyone here info on my experience rather than building outside, but I see it as a chance to experience a variety of things instead focusing on a certain skill. Rain was never an enemy to me so I’m actually glad its here. Well we have an adventurous journey yet to come so stay tuned, there will be loads of pics and probably short entries up. Later till then.