Project: Newhouse/Taliesin: Student Report- Andrea

Posted on July 2nd, 2009 at 3:12 pm by in Our Work

Project: Newhouse/Taliesin: Student Report- Andrea

The Building Begins

Today was actually a very especial day because it started off so different than the other days. We all had to wake up early in the morning, to get ready to start building. We were each separated into groups of three. One group was assigned to build a place to sit and the other one had to build a shelter. So the rules were that each group had time to work on their assignments until noon, and after lunch we were all going to discuss about it and swap places so that each group has a turn to work on both assignments. The materials we were both going to use for both assignments were wood, zip ties, clippers, hammer, and saws to cut the wood.

My group first started off building the bench, and the first thing that we had to do was first decide the location for the bench, then we had to really think and make up rules for the bench and actually follow the rules as we were building the bench. After a while learning from our own mistakes and getting some advice we were able to accomplish finishing on time, and thankfully we were successful to be able to build a strong bench that was able to hold a person.


After lunch we swapped places, and we started thinking on how we were going to start our shelter. We wanted to make something different from what the other group did with heir shelter by the trees. So we actually thought about making a shelter for six people to fit in and actually have fun by playing card games, or board games. Our idea also was to build something that was rounded, like a circle which represents unity, and from there we started to add on wood and try different options of different positions. Our goal was also to go with the flow of the hill, and make it wavy so it could fit in the place. Thankfully we ended up building a beautiful structure that went with the flow of the hills in this very unique way, and it also was able to show a great view in front of it.


With hard work and help we were able to succeed and actually from far away our structure looked like a whale, and when the people were able to go inside it looked like the were sitting in the belly of the whale.

Even though we were so tired after so much work that was done today since the morning, we actually had so much, and learned so much during all the progress that we made.