Things We Like: UTSOA’s Awesome Foam Sword Friday This Friday, December 4th At 12.30!

Posted on December 1st, 2009 at 2:04 pm by in Things We Like

Things We Like: UTSOA’s Awesome Foam Sword Friday This Friday, December 4th At 12.30!

Can a massive foam sword fight in the crosswalk of a busy street change the street-use culture of a community?

This Friday University of Texas School of Architecture students are hosting their once a semester Foam Sword Friday at 12.30 at the crosswalk on Guadalupe between 21st and 23rd Streets.

How does it work?

Simple, donate a couple of dollars and you get a foam sword. Line up opposing ‘armies’ on opposite sides of an incredibly busy car-dominated street and when the light changes, a full pitched battle ensues in the crosswalk. When the traffic light turns green, the opposing armies retire to the opposite sides of the Guadalupe to regroup and plan the next assault.

What’s the impact?

Stunned, dumbfounded, lingering drivers? You betcha. Curious passers-by who pick up a sword and jump in on the action, giggling and whooping all the way? Absolutely. Much more relaxed architecture students? Definitely.

Originally started in 2007 by then graduate students in the School of Architecture Patrick Winn and Josh Conrad as a class project, Foam Sword Friday has not only become a regular tradition but has also grown by leaps and bounds largely through the interest of curious passers by, and word of mouth. Public Workshop is entirely impressed with the students who have continued and help grow this fine event. Patrick and Josh, bravo! You really created something amazing. Joe, Julienne, Nishiel, James, etc…….keep up the good work of making the event continue to happen.

Want more information?

The event’s facebook page by clicking (here)

There is also a flickr photostream (here)

An article in the Daily Texan (here)

And  at least one Youtube video of the event below (although this was from the first event and the number of participants has increased dramatically since the initial endeavor):