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Things We Like:Design Awards Celebrating The Bankers, Lawyers, Etc. Behind The Projects.

April 30, 2010

Things We Like

On the surface this one seems like a no brainer. When you give a building or a community project an award or some sort of public recognition, invite not only the designer to the stage but also the community partners, the funders, the developer, the builder and maybe even…….the user. Let them talk, thank people […]

Event:We’re Leading A Panel At The Assoc. For Community Design Conference on June 19th.

April 19, 2010


If they are not meant for children, they are not meant for citizens either. If they are not meant for citizens-ourselves- they are not cities. -Herman Hertzberger Herman, quite frankly I couldn’t agree more and therefore when the Association For Community Design decided that the theme of their conference this year would be ‘Toward A […]

Things We Like: The Many Attempts To Redesign The See-Saw, err Teeter Totter.

April 19, 2010

Things We Like

The see-saw is probably one of the most vilified pieces of equipment you will find on a playground. When I started writing this piece, my intention was to show some of the many examples I found last summer, while on a fellowship in Germany, of how designers have tried to make the see-saw safer. Anecdotally, […]

News:Public Workshop Will Be Design-Building Food Carts With Chicago Teens This Summer.

April 19, 2010


It’s been in the works for a couple of months now but it’s now official, Public Workshop will be working with fifteen Chicago teenagers starting in late June of this summer to design-build food carts for a local community organization. Actually, we should clarify that they may not actually end up being food carts, depending […]

Event:We’re Presenting At The Ripple Conference-Innovation In Urban Education,On April 24th.

April 19, 2010


How can we creatively re-imagine urban education? We’re quite excited to be presenting at the Ripple Conference (here) on April 24th at the University of Chicago and surprised to be sharing a program with none other than Bill Ayers! It’s too early to say how this is going to impact our future political careers but […]

Project: ‘We Live Here.’ A Project For Landon Bone Baker Architects.

April 15, 2010

Our Work

‘Good follows good.’ –Bernard, owner of Bernard’s Wear and Stepper Store Project: We Live Here Location: Chicago, IL Project Director: Alex Gilliam with Brenda Gamboa for Landon Bone Baker Architects Year: 2010 Some of the most striking things about Landon Bone Baker Architects (here) are their confident but humble approach to their work and the […]

People:Introducing Our Stellar New Intern. Willkommen Brenda, ‘So Glad You’re Here.

April 10, 2010


‘Good follows good.’ -Bernard, owner of Bernard’s Wear and Stepper Store Quite frankly we’re not really sure who is following whom but we couldn’t be more excited to have Brenda Gamboa join our team. A multi-year grand prize winner of Chicago’s Newhouse Architecture Competition (here) for high school students, Brenda is also an incredibly […]