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Things We Like: A Design Firm Doing Great Things For The Community As Well As Great Design.

November 23, 2010

Things We Like

Interested in starting your own design firm that does great things for your neighborhood and community as well as fantastic design? We consider it our business to know organizations who are rethinking professional design practice for the greater good, innovation and to better meet the needs of the world around us. Indeed, we spend a […]

News: Public Workshop Wins DIY Playground Design Competition!

November 22, 2010


Holy cow. We couldn’t be more pleased to learn that we won the DIY division of the Playable International Playground Design Competition. Apparently the judges really liked our entry even though it is much more of a how-to for developing a youth-led culture of civic ‘doing’; public space testing, exploration and innovation; and playground building […]

Things We Like: Abandoned Phone Booths Transformed Into A Moustache See-Saw.

November 16, 2010

Things We Like

Ride a moustache while you wait for your tacos? Okay there are few things more joyfully absurd than this see-saw, err moustache and its accompanying over sized spectacles. In fact, when our friend Lauren mentioned that she had ridden a moustache see-saw while waiting for her tacos at the ever tasty El Chilito in Austin, […]

Project: Build A Six Foot Long Chocolate Cake Master Plan, Change A Place.

November 10, 2010

Our Work

Imagine thirty people standing on the edge of a street in Austin, Texas intently building a six foot long chocolate cake master plan of a largely unknown creek corridor hidden in the midst of their Downtown. Eight of the builders were supposed to be there, the rest, baffled AND excited by the scene before them, […]

Things We Like: A Veritable Playground Made Out Of Packing Tape.

November 4, 2010

Things We Like

Sure, it’s a lot of plastic and packing tape can be remarkably expensive but really, how can you not stand in drooling awe when presented with For Use‘s gorgeous packing tape structure/playground? Why the fawning? Well on the most basic level, as previously stated, it’s gorgeous. However we also find it compelling because it is […]