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Play A Game To Better Understand Your Site- By Joseph, One Of Our #teendesignheroes.

July 9, 2011

Our Work

Who’s seen the Eiffel tower? At least in pictures? Most of us have. However, the people who haven’t don’t know the feeling of the wind breezing. Or the sounds of the car and actually smell the steel. So hearing about Taliesin and looking at photos is completely different from standing on the tallest hill and […]

Looking Beyond The Map + The Importance Of Failure By Diana, A #teendesignheroes.

July 7, 2011

Our Work, People

Coming to Taliesin was scary for the fact that I felt a bit intimidated by the rest of the students. I knew for a fact that they had more work experience than I in the technical aspects of design, where I was doing a wretched job at figuring it out. But In the end it […]

Now I Believe I Will Reach My Dream- Reflections By Audrey,One Of Our #teendesignheroes.

July 6, 2011

Our Work

This was our awesome team of design super heroes, all who have recently graduated from high school…except for our family baby, Diana…and we all worked tremendously hard to be a part of this journey through the Newhouse Competition. From that competition, we all won awards that showed the amount of endless work we put into our […]

Images From Our #teendesignheroes Workshop At Taliesin In Rural Wisconsin.

July 6, 2011

Our Work

Six super talented Chicago Public School students from diverse backgrounds. Two superstar Teaching Fellows. A rich architectural legacy that exudes experimentation and ‘doing’. Seven days and seventeen hours of relentless testing, building, experimentation, failure and play- challenging all assumptions about how learning and design occur. It’s a summer design camp on steroids- a ‘doing’ camp […]

Can #teendesignheroes Be Creative Role Models For Adults + Subversive Agents Of Change?

July 4, 2011

Our Work, Writing

I woke up with Michael Jackson blaring in my head this morning, a rare occurrence on a weekend morning that I can only attribute to a memorable moment on the second to last day of our design-build workshop and learning lab with my #teendesignheroes. Feverishly design-building our telephone booth porch with only a few hours […]

The Power + Value Of Teamwork- By Jeisson, One Of Our #teendesignheroes.

July 1, 2011

Our Work, People

It is a difficult task finding sparks between varying personalities and wildly different skill sets, particularly for someone trying to allow peaceful coexistence among a static group and with a set goal that demands positive interactions and successful chemistry. For our team, with Alex and Katie being the ones in charge of setting everyone up […]