The Power + Value Of Teamwork- By Jeisson, One Of Our #teendesignheroes.

Posted on July 1st, 2011 at 9:35 am by in Our Work, People

The Power + Value Of Teamwork- By Jeisson, One Of Our #teendesignheroes.

It is a difficult task finding sparks between varying personalities and wildly different skill sets, particularly for someone trying to allow peaceful coexistence among a static group and with a set goal that demands positive interactions and successful chemistry. For our team, with Alex and Katie being the ones in charge of setting everyone up into forming a productive team, the journey has been surprisingly successful. This isn’t to say that we have faced many hassles or roadblocks, but it is safely assumed that when a team is formed, there is a possibility that there will be radical variables that may hinder the dynamics, and it occurs more often than not. And yet, our team has managed to stay consistent and highly determined.

After more than four days, thinking about the same goal from morning ’til dawn, one would think our team has unfortunately lost motivation towards the main project. And yet, as the team screwed in the flooring for the deck of the structure yesterday, it was an inspiring surprise seeing Joseph stop for one minute to fix a small inconsistency in the plank he was placing as everyone attentively waited to see if he needs any help doing just that. It was then that I knew that we all still really cared for our phone booth, not just because of where we were, what it all means, but because this team means something to us and it empowers us to know that we will make something that we will all love, so we all support each other in our journey, even through small details like a minute bend in a singular plank. I had hesitated to admit it, but I have now realized that we might actually have that spark that needs to be found in that ideal, supportive, potent and flexible team.


Over the course of the week, everyday we are still finding ourselves in vivid debates over specific details in the potential phone booth we’re trying to make. But not only are we debating, we are also figuring out compromises. Even today, Audrey debated the patterns assigned to the walls, and everyone decided to look for other venues to address this problem until we all found a middle ground between everyone’s ideas and creations.

Having a successful team structure is nowhere near as easy as setting a few tables, but with the team that we have now, anyone may use us an example to say otherwise. Tomorrow, my table-setting duties are being passed down to Diana, and thanks to the inspiring fluidity that this team’s interactions has had over the past few days, I have absolutely no trouble passing the torch down to one of my faithful team members.