Five Upcoming Opportunities To Build Fantastic Structures + Re-Imagine Possibility.

Posted on September 14th, 2011 at 10:34 am by in Events

Five Upcoming Opportunities To Build Fantastic Structures + Re-Imagine Possibility.

Want to come build fantastic structures that challenge people’s sense of possibility? Sure you do, who doesn’t?

In the coming weeks, in three different cities, we will be leading a variety of building workshops with our Build It! Disks. The focus of each workshop and the reason for using the Disks is varied:

In Austin, our workshops are focused on placemaking- using the Disks to help people explore how a variety of underutilized public spaces might be used differently, building collaboration amongst a disparate group of stakeholders and literally using the highly visible nature of the building of the structures to raise public awareness about the ongoing re-design of those spaces.

In Philadelphia the we will be using the Build It! Disks to introduce new methods for teaching students design and engaging visitors at architecture-related cultural institutions.

During the openhousenewyork Weekend, we will use the Disks to provide a means of gathering people young and old to ‘test’ a couple of different public spaces, while providing a mechanism for talking about the local architecture and community.

Regardless of their focus, each will be an exceptionally good time. All are open to the public but you must register for a couple of them to participate.

Come build with us!

7th October Austin, Texas

OFF THE GRID: Recharging Public Art + Design

Old Bakery Idea-Thon

9th October Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Design In Action Conference

15th October New York, NY

Open House New York Weekend at the Center For Architecture, time TBD

16th October

Open House New York Weekend at DreamYard, 1-3pm