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Project: Waller Creek Is For Lots Of People Making An Amazing Cake Of Waller Creek + Eating It.

February 22, 2010

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And Brainstorming And Then Eating The Cake Too. Oh my goodness. Last weekend was one the most amazing design-build adventures I’ve ever been a part of. Mind you, it was cake and we didn’t get to do any sort of ‘built’ imagining of possibility on the cake itself but: 1.The number of people who participated […]

Writing: What If We Turn Austin Into A Continuous Playground And Outdoor Gym?

February 21, 2010


Install recumbent bicycle benches at CAP Metro Bus stops? Outdoor stair climbers on Congress Ave.? In-ground trampolines on Guadalupe? Criss-crossing balance beams on 2nd Street? Concrete ping pong tables at intersections throughout town? Climbing boulders on East 5th Street? Let’s face it, many of you would consider me quite out of my mind if I […]

Event: A Near Future City Think Tank To Re- Imagine How People Transform Public Spaces.

February 2, 2010

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Local governments are the largest industry in the world without an r + d function. What happens if you create an informal r + d unit for a city, bringing together a carefully chosen group of people who are doing great but very different things in the world to re-imagine issues of civic importance where […]

Things We Like: UTSOA’s Awesome Foam Sword Friday This Friday, December 4th At 12.30!

December 1, 2009

Things We Like

Can a massive foam sword fight in the crosswalk of a busy street change the street-use culture of a community? This Friday University of Texas School of Architecture students are hosting their once a semester Foam Sword Friday at 12.30 at the crosswalk on Guadalupe between 21st and 23rd Streets. How does it work? Simple, […]

Waller Creek Is For Making A Giant Topographical Cake Of Waller Creek And Eating It.

November 20, 2009

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A six foot long Betty Crocker version of Waller Creek? (not the tiny garden pictured here-kid’s stuff). That’s right, six feet long. Have we lost our minds? Probably. An impossible feat? Maybe but we’re going to have a mighty fine time trying. That’s right ladies and gents, as part of the East Austin Studio Tours, […]

Waller Creek Is For Beasts And Diorama Making? Some pictures from last weekend.

October 24, 2009

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Waller Creek Is For Beasts And Diorama Making that challenges people’s perceptions of what happens in Waller Creek, AND gets them to look a bit closer at all of the fantastic things found in the Creek. Here are some more pictures from last weekend’s endeavors. You can also check out the group’s flickr stream and […]

Event:Waller Creek Is For Dominoes And Talking Smack Without Rain: This Sunday at 4.00 pm.

October 23, 2009


Changing a place by talking about someone’s mom and playing games? Dominoes and Talking Smack? What could be better on a Sunday afternoon at a brand spanking new time (4 pm) in a shiny new (as in we haven’t tried it) domino-themed place? Dust off your best momma jokes, bone up on your dot counting […]

Writing: How far were you allowed to travel on your own at age eight?

October 18, 2009


Want to see the original article and comments? Click (here) —— How far were you allowed to travel alone when you were a kid? Are you per chance Vicky Thomas, from Sheffield? If by some very unusual fluke you are from Sheffield, England and your name is Vicky, you are now in your late thirties, […]

Things We Like:What Happens If We Remove Our Stop Signs?A CBS Sunday Morning Exclusive.

October 11, 2009

Things We Like

Low and behold, if you were watching CBS Sunday Morning today you may have notice that Mo Rocca did a piece on Tom Vanderbilt’s excellent book, Traffic and even spent a good deal of time hanging out in Hans Mondermans traffic circle in Drachten. It’s a pretty fluffy piece but cool all the same and […]

Waller Creek Is For Making And Eating Domino Shaped Cookies Even If The Event Gets Cancelled.

October 11, 2009

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I don’t know what you were planning on bringing today but this submission by Kelley makes me think the Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure Society might need to get it together and make another trophy. Kelley was quite apologetic about the lack of the requisite two sides to the domino cookies but […]

Waller Creek Is For Dominoes And Talking Smack? This coming Sunday morn’?

October 7, 2009


Dominoes and Talking Smack? What could be better on a Sunday morning? Head on down to the north end of the UT Tennis Courts on Trinity Street (between the creek and the courts, by the bridge) for fabulous company, and good food.  Get ready to do your best grumpy old man, Oscar Madison impersonation as […]

Writing: What if we transformed our street-use culture by Making Austin Weirder?

October 6, 2009


What if you and your neighbors decided one day to turn your street into grassed- over park, replete with pony rides, an oompah band and vegetable gardens? When presented with such a possibility, most would laugh derisively or mention something along the lines of, ‘Have you lost your ever-loving mind?!’. In many respects, this is […]

Writing: What If Austin Used Mimes To Encourage Better Street User Behavior?

September 30, 2009


If you missed last week’s post, the first installment of this two part series, click (here) How about a brief quiz to start things off, shall we? 1. Which would cause drivers to be more careful and drive conservatively when passing through an area with a substantial deer population? a. A high-tech flashing sign with […]

Tales From Waller Creek: Waller Creek Is For Crumpets, Croquet + Cucumber Sandwiches?

September 30, 2009

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Waller Creek Is For Croquet, Crumpets And Cucumber Sandwiches? Victrolas, Records, Six Inch Fish, Cooling Off With Your Shoes Off, Giddy Wading? Exploring With Friends, Heading Up Stream To Try The Red Swing Another Time, Lemon Shortbread, Sun Dresses And Brainstorming New Waller Creek Adventures? Enticing and perhaps unbelievable but oh so very true. It […]

Building Rome In A Day: A Better Model For Re-Doing The Comprehensive Plan?

September 30, 2009

Things We Like

Children working collaboratively and feverishly non-stop for an ungodly amount of time. Parents building ‘with’ their children for hours on end, asking for 9/16″ wood cuts from the jig saw. Socialites dressed for bacchanalian feasts and/or battle hanging out curiously amidst the growing city. Young designers stopping by to build a building before heading out […]

Waller Creek Is For Tea And Crumpets And Croquet And Cucumber Sandwiches-This Saturday!

September 24, 2009

Events, Our Work

What: Tea Party Attire: Tea Party Necessary Accoutrements: Snooty accent, your own tea cup, parasol, something to sit on (no, you may not sit on the crumpets), an impressive entourage of only the most witty and delightful creek-admirers and beast-hunters. Provided for you: Tea, croquet wickets, a table, jovial conversation and conviviality. When: Saturday, September […]

Tales From Waller Creek: Waller Creek Is For Egg Salad And Red Swings.

September 23, 2009

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Waller Creek Is For Egg Salad And Red Swings? For looking for beasts and eating Mexican cookies? For eating brunch in the creek bed and walking around barefoot with lots of friends? That’s right. Check out the full report (here). And stay tuned for info on the Waller Creek Is For Lovers Action And Adventure […]

Writing: What would happen if we removed Austin’s stop signs, stoplights and traffic signs?

September 22, 2009


Carnage, chaos and fender benders galore? How about slower traffic, less accidents, safer streets for children and wait for it, no more text messaging while driving? That’s right, in a never ending quest to make our streets safer and more predictable, we may have actually made them more dangerous and so mind numbingly easy to […]

Your Waller Creek Survival Checklist For Sunday’s Event

September 10, 2009

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  I’m an individual coming alone, what should you bring? Twist the arm of at least one friend, neighbor or random person on the street. A chair for yourself- fancy or folding optional. A keen eye for possibility . A brunch treat/beverage of your choosing and the necessary utensils/tools for consuming said offering. Your best […]

Event: Pimp Your Bus Stop-A Recap Of You Can Change Your City.

August 26, 2009

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How Can You Change Your City? How can you Make Austin Weirder? What types of new tools exist or need to be created to better enable people to participate in the making of a city’s future? Sixty-five Austinites- students, designers, educators, policy makers, gardeners and activists- lingered for more than three hours at Space 12 […]