News:We’re Presenting Our Unique Participatory Design + Learning Tools In Chicago-May 28th. 19 May 11
News:Public Workshop + Partners Awarded NEA Grant To Create Innovative Youth Design Prog. 15 May 11
News:Public Workshop To Work On Austin Master Plan W/Michael Van Valkenburgh Assoc. 15 May 11
News: Public Workshop Is Presenting At The University Of The Arts On May 5th. 29 Apr 11
Prototyping Adventure Courses + A Shade Structure In Four Hours At UCDavis, Oh My! 21 Apr 11
News: Our 20 Yr Old Intern’s Presentation ‘Wows’ Everyone At The Structures For Inclusion Conf. 08 Apr 11
News:Our Youth-Led Community Sensing + Design Leadership Project Wins National Recognition! 31 Mar 11
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Workshop #1: The Merits Of Absurdly Large, Impossible Challenges. 22 Mar 11
Come Help Redefine Possibility! Your Opportunity To Help Explore + Build March 20-24th. 18 Mar 11
News: Public Workshop Invited To Give UCDavis’ Annual Robert Thayer Lecture. 18 Mar 11
National Building Museum Fellowship Update #6: Yeah,I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer. Some Images. 10 Mar 11
Project:The Citizen Designer Workshop, Integrating Youth + Community In Design Practice. 04 Mar 11
National Building Museum Fellowship Update #5: Prototype Done, Almost Ready To Build. 24 Feb 11
News: We’re Headed To Seattle To Present At The University Of Washington! 10 Feb 11
News: We’re Headed To Prototype Camp And Balmy Columbus, Ohio. 29 Jan 11
News: You Can Now Find Public Workshop On Facebook. Stop By And Say Hello. 29 Jan 11
News: Have A Look At Our Article On Metropolis Magazine’s Website! 21 Jan 11
National Building Museum Fellowship Update #4: The Model Home City=Model Home Owner? 20 Jan 11
Project: How Healthy Is Your Neighborhood? Its Schools, Housing, Streets & Public Spaces? 18 Jan 11