Purchase Our Build-It! Disks, Build Something Great.

Create fantastic structures that challenge possibility on playgrounds,vacant lots,in classrooms and your very own backyard.

Build-It! Disks are fabricated in the United States from double-walled cardboard for extra durability and strength (these are not pizza boxes, folks), allowing you to build your very best awe-inspiring structures over and over again. They are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable!

Build-It! is a project of Public Workshop. A cheerleader of possibility, Public Workshop creates uniquely engaging opportunities for youth and their communities to shape the design of their cities. The proceeds of each sale of Build-It! Disks helps support TinyWPA, our innovative program that puts youth at the forefront of stimulating community engagement and civic innovation in Philadelphia by empowering them to design and build improvements to the City’s public spaces, schools, and micro-infrastructure.

Our Build-It! Disks have been used at/by the National Building Museum, The Columbus Museum, The Wexner Center, Monona Terrace, Open House New York, Envision Fest, Toronto Interior Design Show, Philadelphia Center For Architecture, Austin’s Art In Public Places, Association of Architectural Organizations, City Science, eTech Conference, Akron Museum of Art, and Children At Play, among others.


Build-It! Disks are available in batches of 20 disks for $35.

Ready to order? Great, send us an email to place your order- alex@publicworkshop.us

We help museums, cultural institutions and schools create uniquely engaging curricula that utilize the Build-It! Discs to leverage great leaps in learning and engagement. We redefine learning and how youth participate in the design of their cities. We will work with you to create custom curricula for your educational needs.

Build-It! Discs are outstanding tools for building collaboration, excitement, conversation and exploring possibility. Utilizing the Build-It! Discs, we create transformative design-thinking workshops, playground prototyping camps and place-making events.

Build-It! Disks are being used all over the country to help people re-imagine cities, learn better, put on ground-breaking dance performances (!!!) and engage museum goers in awesome, hands-on activities that helps them connect with a museum in new ways.

Build-It! Disks were developed with the support of the National Building MuseumDomaform and Cynthia Field.

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