Project: Chicago Teens Weave Landscape Prosthetics To Help Re-Imagine A Schoolyard. 22 Jul 10
News:Public Workshop’s Alex Gilliam Chosen For National Building Museum Fellowship. 26 Jun 10
Event: Come To Public Workshop’s Children Changing Cities Panel At The ACD Conference. 18 Jun 10
Things We Like:Challenging Public Space Use By Hanging Red Swings Where They Shouldn’t Be. 03 Jun 10
Things We Like:David Yoon’s Narrow Streets Project,Helping People Imagine Livable Streets. 27 May 10
Things We Like: Youth Photo-Mapping Their Communities W/Homemade Balloon Satellites. 20 May 10
Things We Like:Placing Trampolines In Sidewalks, Allowing Us To Play & Exercise Everywhere. 05 May 10
Project: Creating A Outdoor Classroom & Community Space For PS 134. 03 May 10
Things We Like:Design Awards Celebrating The Bankers, Lawyers, Etc. Behind The Projects. 30 Apr 10
Event:We’re Leading A Panel At The Assoc. For Community Design Conference on June 19th. 19 Apr 10
Things We Like: The Many Attempts To Redesign The See-Saw, err Teeter Totter. 19 Apr 10
News:Public Workshop Will Be Design-Building Food Carts With Chicago Teens This Summer. 19 Apr 10
Event:We’re Presenting At The Ripple Conference-Innovation In Urban Education,On April 24th. 19 Apr 10
Project: ‘We Live Here.’ A Project For Landon Bone Baker Architects. 15 Apr 10
People:Introducing Our Stellar New Intern. Willkommen Brenda, ‘So Glad You’re Here. 10 Apr 10
Things We Like:Dancing,Choreographed Trash Trucks…Projects Celebrating How Cities Work. 03 Mar 10
Project: Waller Creek Is For Lots Of People Making An Amazing Cake Of Waller Creek + Eating It. 22 Feb 10
Writing: What If We Turn Austin Into A Continuous Playground And Outdoor Gym? 21 Feb 10
Things We Like: Candy Chang’s Amazing Work Making Cities More Accessible And Engaging. 18 Feb 10
Writing: Establishing Value And Relevance In Architecture. 18 Feb 10