Project: Helping Create The Charter High School For Architecture And Design. 11 Feb 10
Project: The Birds-A Design Project Of Extra- ordinary Insanity For High School Students. 11 Feb 10
Things We Like: Conferences We’d Like To Attend In 2010 And Think You Will Enjoy Too. 10 Feb 10
Writing: 5 Steps for Rebuilding the Profession of Architecture. 07 Feb 10
Event: Chicago K-12 Design-Ed Potluck Feb. 4th At 6.30 With A Presentation By Public Workshop. 03 Feb 10
Project: Redesigning And Rebuilding The Sunshine School, The Movie! 03 Feb 10
Event: A Near Future City Think Tank To Re- Imagine How People Transform Public Spaces. 02 Feb 10
Things We Like: ……………………………………….. ……………………………………Office Parkours 31 Jan 10
Project: How Do You Seed Innovation Within An Architecture Firm? Within A Community? 29 Jan 10
Things We Like: Chicago Teens Design-Building Kiosks For A Local Community Garden 25 Jan 10
Project: Bad Design Darts And Other Tools For Rethinking Community Engagement. 21 Jan 10
Project:The Sunshine School-Empowering Students To Redesign + Rebuild Their Decrepit School. 14 Jan 10
Things We Like: A Small But Interesting Exhibit Of Architectural Toys In Philadelphia. 14 Jan 10
Project: Community Baseball Cards For Helping People Better Collaborate. 21 Dec 09
Things We Like: Children Are Responsible For Their Parents?Playgrounds In Berlin,For The Elderly? 03 Dec 09
Project: Designing A Community + Social Innovation Incubator For A Chicago Architecture Firm. 02 Dec 09
Things We Like: UTSOA’s Awesome Foam Sword Friday This Friday, December 4th At 12.30! 01 Dec 09
Project:Redesigning The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s City Of Neighborhoods. 01 Dec 09
Waller Creek Is For Making A Giant Topographical Cake Of Waller Creek And Eating It. 20 Nov 09
Project: Onward Sunshine Tigers!-Rebranding The Sunshine School. 01 Nov 09