Project: Redesigning And Rebuilding The Sunshine School, The Movie!

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Project: Redesigning And Rebuilding The Sunshine School, The Movie!

From Public Workshop’s Project Archives:

Project: The Sunshine School, The Movie!
Location:Newbern, AL
Project Director: Alex Gilliam
Year: 2004

Yep, the export quality from this movie I made many, many years ago leaves a lot to be desired but it does a knock up job conveying the incredible spirit of the project and the students I worked with at the Sunshine School in rural Alabama.

After a certain point in the process the, ‘Mr. Gilliam, Mr. Gilliam, Mr. Gilliam……can we help?’ moment, was my daily experience at Sunshine when I entered the gym and it was quite frankly incredible. On one particular day I had over forty students working throughout the school on various projects, when two girls approached me to about helping out. Unfortunately I had to tell them that every task was fully staffed and beyond that, the only tools that weren’t being used were a few odd paint scrapers. Undeterred, the girls really wanted to help and eventually I remembered that the students had identified some paint that needed to be scraped before the wall could be repainted. Despite being entirely dubious that the girls would accept such a relatively unexciting task as paint scraping, I tossed it out.

The response?

‘Paint scraping?! We love to scrape paint!!’

And off they dashed, scrapers in hand.

For more information on this project, please click (here).

Enjoy the movie.