News:We’re Presenting Our Unique Participatory Design + Learning Tools In Chicago-May 28th.

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News:We’re Presenting Our Unique Participatory Design + Learning Tools In Chicago-May 28th.

A Longitudinal Study of Shared Space Street Improvements And Older People’s Quality Of Life– Catharine Ward Thompson, Susana Alves, Peter Aspinall, Jenny Roe and Affonso Zuin

Examining The Spatial And Temporal Patterns In Children’s Neighborhood-Based Activity And Mobility Using Personal Monitoring Technology –Jason Gilliand and Janet Loebach

The Effects Of Casino Design, Restorative Images And Type Of Landing Strip On Gambling Behavior: An Examination Using Panoscope Emersion Technology– Karen Finlay and Harvey Marmurek

I don’t know about you but I can barely contain myself when I come across a conference with presentations as meaty and interesting as those listed above. And it goes without saying that I’m even more excited and honored to have been chosen to not only attend but also present some of Public Workshop’s unique participatory design and learning tools at the Environmental Design Research Association Conference in Chicago on May 28th. Take a quick glance at the incredibly dense listing of presentations at the conference or the sampling I’ve chosen below, and you will quickly see that this is not a typical, rah-rah cheerleading event but an intense exploration of the intersection of design, cities, community and human nature. This type of questioning is embedded in everything we do at Public Workshop, everyday. And it is this everyday research that allows us to redefine possibilities in learning, design, community and collaboration. Thus, I am incredibly pleased to have a chance to share some of our innovative building tools for better engaging youth and their communities in the design of the places they live, learn and play. These tools and methods grow out of relentless hands-on testing of such things as human spatial cognition, group pattern recognition, situated learning and the limits of co-design for stimulating innovation.

If you would like to attend my lecture, I am speaking at:

The Palmer House
Around 8.45 AM on Saturday, May 28th

Interested in more information on the conference? Click here.

Below you will find a selection of a few other panels and presentations that I’m excited to see:

Developing Universal Design Guidelines For Outdoor Exercise Equipment– Jihae Hwang, Changhoun Ahn and Yeunsook Le

Evaluating The Impact Of Urban Form On Older Adults’ Public Health: Assessing Spatial Aspects Of Healthy Community Design –Mehran Madan

Definitions And Metrics Of ‘Success’ In Community Design Centers– Elif Tura

Enhanced Photo-Elicitation For Accessing Alzheimer’s Perceptions– Colin Gadoury, Christopher Capozzi and Zachary Taylor

Betting On Environment: Behavior In Casinos– Rita Hansen Sterne

Environmental Design Insights Courtesy Of The Lincoln Park Zoo Gorillas – Christina Nippert-Eng

Evaluating Methods For Observing The Spatial Patterns of Children’s Neighborhood Activities –Jason Gilliand and Janet Loebach

Do Green Schoolyards Grow Standardized Test Scores? Evidence From Chicago Public Schools— Frances Kuo

The Emotional Affordances Of Forest Settings: An Investigation In Boys With Extreme Behavioral Problems– Jenny Roe and Peter Aspinal

The Morphological Evolution Of Bazaar Streets: A Configurational Analysis Of The Urban Layout Of Dhaka City– Farhana Ferdous

The Impacts Of Architectural Design On Communication Among Hospital Staff: An Example of Centralized Versus Innovatively Designed Decentralized Nurses Stations– Chia-Hui Want, Kathryn Anthony, Nai-Wen Kuo